April 2018, open for business...

​Behavioral Health Center

Makes its way to Challis

Behavioral Health in Challis

April 23,2018

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Little spot above Custer and Bonanza in good ol' Custer County...

Challis Area Health Center News

Anyone in need of behavioral services, just call our front desk for details. We can help you on a 

The Challis Area Health Center opened up the new Behavioral Health office.  The open house was on May 9th and was attended by many people from our community and state level officials. We thank everyone that attended and everyone that had a hand in making this possible. 

November 2017, the transformation begins.

​An Excerpt from Boise Weekly, October 15, 2008.

Country Medicine 

Idaho debates the doctor shortage

By Carissa Wolf

"It's so important not to get distracted," said Dr. Richard Paris, as he performed the first of many examinations for the day. Quiet fell as Paris surveyed the Cessna parked outside the Hailey hanger: It was the silence of careful concentration.

Paris probed the landing gear. He poked the underside of the wings, filling a vial with clear liquid. He studied the substance then proclaimed the fuel free from contaminants.

Paris surveyed the early September weather patterns sweeping through the Wood River Valley with the dedicated attention you'd expect from a family doctor named the 2005 Physician of the Year by the American Academy of Family Physicians. But Paris didn't mention this or other accolades. He'd rather talk about what his patients give him.

"Right now I have tons of kids that are graduating from high school that I delivered. And now, I see them doing college physicals. I knew them as babies. And their parents say, 'Yes, [Dr. Paris] was the first person who saw you.' The pleasant surprise is how great that would feel over the years."

It's something few people get to experience: Not many serve generations of families and treat patients "from the cradle to the grave," as Paris likes to say. Even fewer prepare to make their rounds by checking the fluid levels of a small engine aircraft.


A Licensed Clinical Social Worker are specialists trained to assist people with an array of mental health and daily living issues to improve overall functioning.  LCSW has a master's degree in social work, which includes studies in sociology, growth and develop-

Health Fair 2018

New X Ray!                                                                                     December 2016

Finally we can go digital! Up until recently, when someone here twisted their ankle, we would take a couple shots with our Trex X ray system, develop the film in our Konica film developer system and physically mail them to Wood River St. Luke's in Ketchum.  Merely 2 weeks later, the films and a report would return to us.  

​Thanks to St. Luke's, TurnKey, River's West, Custer Telephone Cooperative, the many people that donated to the project, and especially Kate Taylor who spearheaded the project, we now have a digital system that sends the images to be read within the same day by Boise Radiology.  We have finally moved into the modern times.

A system like this one improves patient care by leaps and bounds. It certainly can give our providers the information needed to make decisive action when it is most important.   

path that may make things easier.  These services are included in our Sliding Discount Program if you qualify.  

            Challis Area Health Center now has behavioral health services headed by Gay Miremont, LCSW in our new offices that were renovated this winter behind the clinic at 605 Clinic Road, in Challis. Adding behavioral services is something we wanted to include for our community for quite a while.  Once ground broke in October of 2017, the anticipation grew until Gay could move into her office. 

ment, mental health theory and practice, human behavior/social environment, psychology and research methods.  As always, they adhere to the strict standards of HIPAA, and patient privacy.

Gay Miremont, LCSW