Leaving Las Vegas ...for Challis!

​​​​Health Fair 2018

December Outreach

December's Community Outreach Event, organized by CAHC's Community Health Worker, involved bringing community members, Lunch and Learn students from the junior high school and Clinic families into Diamond Peak Assisted Living Facility to help residents make Christmas Crafts to decorate their rooms with.  The program was all about spreading Christmas cheer in the assisted living facility.  Residents and visitors sang Christmas songs while creating snowmen and penguin wall art.  Goodies  were shared and a good time was had by all.  Over 30 people participated in the event held at Diamond Peak Assisted Living on December 14, 2018.

In an effort to promote Breast Cancer Awareness, the Challis Area Health Center staff sported new fight shirts in the month of October. 

Renovations took several months and was a collaborative effort between the health center and community members.  The people of Challis and Custer County showed their support and took an active part in making this a reality.  

Rural health centers face unique challenges and members of their clinical teams rise to the occasion. Without close proximity to a hospital and emergency medical services, these rural clinics train to provide all levels of medical care that may be needed.

Such is the case with Max Smith, the newest Physician Assistant (PA) to join Challis Area Health Center (CAHC). Since his relocation, Smith and his family are adjusting nicely to a slower life in Challis – population 1,000, after leaving Las Vegas – population nearly 2 million.

He enjoys his regular rotations with the Challis ambulance crew. Unlike his practice in Las Vegas, Smith and his colleagues are an integral part of the small town’s urgent care response team. CAHC built a program that enables each of the clinic’s providers to ride along with the EMTs and volunteer drivers on all emergencies for one week each month.

“I think that’s really great because it’s helping expand access to care. Everything I see here is about expanding care.” He compared PAs working with ambulance volunteers as similar to the days when doctors once made house calls.

Gail Marimont, LCSW, at the new behavioral health office open house on May 9th, 2018

Challis Area Health Center Christmas Party​

​CAHC Now Offers Behavioral Health Services

The community of Challis showed their support on May 9th during the new behavioral health open house.  The services provided by CAHC ensures the communities of Custer County remain healthy and we are very proud to be able to provide these services. 

​Thank you to everyone who participated in this years health fair!  We had a great time serving the people in or community.

Clinic News

Breast Cancer Awareness Month​

Christmas time is here, which means the Challis Area Health Center Staff  has once again joined together to celebrate the most joyous season of the year. We rented out the local bowling alley for the festivities and had such an amazing turn out. There was laughter, games, and gifts to be shared among the families of the clinic staff. Ugly sweaters were in abundance and we learned many things about each other that we did not know.  As much as we enjoy working together, everyone enjoyed getting to spend time with each other outside of work. We are blessed to have such an amazing team that works so well together and enjoys each others company.

We want to wish each of our wonderful patients a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

​Challis Area Health Center now provides behavioral health services to our community! Our new behavioral health office open house was May 9th and many community members came to show their support.  We thank everyone that attended and everyone that had a hand in making this possible.

Welcome Gay Marimont, LCSW, to CAHC.  Adding behavioral health services is something we’ve wanted to do for our community for a long time.  Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs) are specialists trained to assist people with an array of mental health and daily living issues to improve overall functioning.  They receive a masters and focus on social work, which includes studies in sociology, growth and development, mental health theory and practice, human behavior/social environment, psychology and research methods.  As always, they adhere to the strict standards of HIPAA, and patient privacy. Anyone in need of behavioral services, just call our front desk for details. We can help you on a path that may make things easier.  These services are included in our Sliding Discount Program if you qualify.  

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