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 · Questions about EMS in general?

· I’m interested in volunteering with NCHD EMS!
     - We’re always welcoming new volunteers who are passionate about providing excellent pre-hospital care to our community. We are able offer the following benefits:

             - A flexible on-call schedule with compensation for time spent on 911 calls

             - Monthly continuing education classes

             - Opportunities to attend regional EMS conferences

             - Recurring case reviews with the medical director

     - Do you have a current NREMT certification and/or Idaho State EMS license? Contact us to discuss affiliating with NCHD

     - Are you interested in becoming an EMT? NCHD conducts an EMT class once a year. The class is free for those who commit to volunteering with us, $1500 per person if you’d               just like to take the class. Contact us for more information: (208)879-3054 or

     - If you’re interested in serving your community but unsure if you can make the time commitment for the EMT class, NCHD does have space for a few non-medical ambulance

        drivers. Contact us for more information

· Does NCHD offer community first aid/CPR classes?

     - We do! Check out the calendar or blog for upcoming events. If you have a specific need, contact us, we may be able to help

· Why did I receive a bill when I called 911?

     - NCHD EMS receives taxes from the NCHD tax levy. While this money covers some basic expenses, the agency must bill in order to purchase supplies and pay our volunteers.             Depending on your insurance coverage you may have a co-pay. Also, most insurance companies do not reimburse EMS for non-transport calls, or “respond and evaluate”.

        In order to recoup the costs of providing service, NCHD will bill an individual for this service. Contact our 208-879-2883 or for more information

· What medical care does NCHD EMS provide?

     - NCHD EMS is licensed as a BLS agency in the state of Idaho. Information on licensure levels can be found here     

     - We have also undergone additional training and education required by the state for “optional modules” described on the EMS bureau website

     - The ABCs and CHP are not allowed to perform any advanced (ALS) skills in the pre-hospital setting at this time due to the agency licensure restrictions

· When would I be transported by helicopter?

     - Helicopter transportation may be requested by either on-scene EMS or CAHC PAs for a variety of reasons, most commonly that patient condition is severe enough to require                 time-sensitive treatments not available at CAHC or the nearby Critical Access Hospitals. For more information on a few of these conditions and our state protocols visit                 

· Does NCHD EMS provide stand-by services?

     -Yes. North Custer Hospital District (NCHD) Ambulance standby coverage may be requested at local special events. Due to the volunteer nature of ambulance staffing, there is no          guarantee that standby coverage will be provided at special events. The primary function of the NCHD Ambulance Service is to respond to emergency calls. Charges for standby          coverage are as follows:

             -Events lasting four hours or less - $50

             - Events lasting from four to eight hours - $100

             -Events lasting from eight to twelve hours - $150

​​Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

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North Custer Hospital District EMT Frequently Asked Questions