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NCHD EMTs, CAHC clinic staff and NCHD/CAHC board members at the annual EMT appreciation dinner

North Custer Hospital District (NCHD) EMS is a BLS agency that provides 911 emergency medical services for 3200 square miles in northern Custer County. Our staff consists of paid volunteer EMTs, a full-time Community Health Paramedic (CHP), and Ambulance Based Clinicians (ABCs)-the Challis Area Health Center’s PA-Cs. We pride ourselves on innovation, safety, and providing clinically appropriate care with compassion and skill.

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 2018 Report

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Call volume: 283 (12% increase over 2017) 

Top 3 call types: Medical transport (from CAHC), Traffic Accident, Sick Person

Call disposition: 60% of calls were transported by NCHD EMS; 17% to CAHC and 22% to Steele  Memorial 

Average miles to scene: 5 (longest drive to a scene? 58 miles)

North Custer Hospital District EMT's

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